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  • We have been searching for a for a good Veternairy for 5 years and finely found a great one. Cross Timbers Venerinary center, and Boarding is a great place. We take all or our pets there, the Staff and doctors are very personable and truly care for your pet. We have boarder our dogs for over two weeks at a time and they take great care of them. I highly recommend them
    Ed Muccioli
  • I'm also surprised by some of these negative reviews. I started going to Cross Timbers about a year and a half ago. I have two cats and was looking for a vet that ran an organized office. I'd been to vets that were a mad house where the resident pets were allowed to climb all over my cat's crates, stressing them out unnecessarily. The only resident pet at Cross Timbers is a retired seeing eye dog that is very well behaved and stays behind the counter. The staff there is wonderful; they are accommodating and friendly. They also don't seem to think I have a bottomless wallet; I've never felt like they were recommending things that I my cats didn't need just to make money. The vets listen to what I have to say and understand that I know my animal; if I have a feeling that I know what it is that's bothering my cat, they take that into account. I've never just felt dismissed as I have with other vets. The vet techs there are also top of the line: my cats go there regularly for nail trimmings and sanitary shaves and I even recently had them do a full lion cut on one of my cats. They always do a good job and don't nick or otherwise injure my cats, and the techs report that the cats are easy to handle, which says a lot about the techs themselves. I've spent a lot of time in this vet due to my cat's frequent grooming needs and having to go there to buy Rx medicine, and every customer always seems happy. I've never heard anyone talking to the techs like they had an unpleasant experience. If you live in the area and want a good, welcoming place to take your pet, go see the folks at Cross Timbers. Also, side note: the hours listed on Google are wrong. Cross Timbers is indeed open on Sundays from 12 to 5. I know because nearly all of my appointments are weekend appointments.
    Suzanne McElhaney
  • 4.5 Google Rating